Welcome to the Stop Berry Fen Wind Farm (SBFWF) Campaign.

Residents within the Parish of Haddenham and the surrounding villages are fighting to stop Three Wind Turbines being erected to the South-West of Haddenham, at Aldreth in Cambridgeshire.

The proposed height is twice that of Ely Cathedral; the Wind Turbines would dominate the countryside surrounding Haddenham, Aldreth and Hillrow, and be highy visible from the nearby villages of Sutton, Colne, Earith, Bluntisham, Over, Willingham, Chittering and Stretham. Our calculations indicate that the Turbines will even be visible from Ely Cathedral.

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Planning Application Submitted



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illustrations of the proposal.

Community Awareness Meetings:

Haddenham - Campaign Progress                       
                      Arkenstall Centre 7:30pm 16th May Witcham - Wind Farm Briefing
                 Village Hall 7:30pm 19th May           Earith -     Wind Farm Briefing
                 Village Hall 7:30pm 6th June

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18/07/2014: Planning Application DEADLINE FOR OBJECTIONS 14th AUGUST | 23/04/2014: REG Windpower Revise their Proposal | 02/04/2014: ECDC Approve Mast despite 170 Objections |